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    Long Term energy security is a strategic consideration
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    Hydropower, the most reliable renewable energy source
    that derives from the force of energy of the moving water.
    Excellent efficiency and long tradition.

3Power Energy Group is a developer and operator of Utility Scale Hydro Power Plants (HPP) globally. The Company has special presence in the Balkan countries, developing one of the largest HPP-s in Albania on SHALA river

Hydro Energy

Hydropower captures the energy of flowing water through generators and turns this energy into electricity. The most common type of hydropower involves the use of a dam on a river to store water in a reservoir. When this water is released, it flows through turbines, activating a generator to produce electricity. Other methods of generation use smaller canals to channel river water through turbines ("run-of-river"). Pumped storage plants are able to store power through backwards pumping of water into an upper reservoir before releasing it when needed in order to spin generators and produce electricity.

Target Markets and Projects

The Company is focusing on utility scale Hydro Power Plants developments and acquisition globally. Through its offices in Albania, the company plans to expand in the Balkan countries and Turkey.
3Power is currently developing one of the largest HPPs in Albania on SHALA river and building a platform for electricity trading in Europe, Turkey and Middle East.