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    Long Term energy security is a strategic consideration
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    Hydropower, the most reliable renewable energy source
    that derives from the force of energy of the moving water.
    Excellent efficiency and long tradition.

3Power Energy Group is a developer and operator of Utility Scale Hydro Power Plants (HPP) globally. The Company has special presence in the Balkan countries, developing one of the largest HPP-s in Albania on SHALA river


Access and connection-

Albania has already a suitable infrastructure to benifit from regional and intemational trade. The entire grid system is under state ownership, although some interconnection lines are expected to be constructed and operated by private investors.

Albania has a broad transmission network and is inveting on its modernization and upgrading.

Most of the renewable resources are close to this infrastructure and new electricity producers can easily and without signifi cant costs access the domestic market...

The Albanian cross- border lines include one line (400 KW) with Greece, two(220 KW and 400 KW) with Montenegro and one (220KW) with Kosovo. Construction of a new 400KW transmission line with Kosovo is in the tendering phase. A 400 KW line with Macedona is in the planning phase, while Italy is contracted through concessions to privte investors and work are expected to start in the next 2-3 years.

Albania- Net Importer-

Albaina is a net importer of electricity- currently, it imports about 30-40 percent of its annual electricity consumption.

Demand is expected to steadily increase by about 3-4 percent annually over the next 10 years. By 2020, country's demand for electricity is estimated to reach 13.4 TWH,which will require an additional installed capacity of more than 1,000 MW to be met by domestic production.

Albania's strategic location and its liberal energy trade policies enable exports towards diverse markets that feature strong demand. The country is in the midle of a net electricity importing region. Italy, the fourth largest consumers of electricity in Europe, imports more than 15 percent of its energy at relatively high prices. In addition, Ital, being unable to meet by 2020 with its own production the green energy target set by EU, is forced to importmore than 50 percent of its target or about 14 billion kilowatt hours of electricity.

It is eagerly looking to neighboring markets, including Albania, to meet its needs. Greece, Macedonia and Kosovo are also net importers of electricity.